Monday, March 25, 2013

Teachers disappearing

One day everyone came to school and all our teachers were gone. We were wondering where they went so we waited and waited until someone could come so we went outside of the door. Pt England starting to searched for them.

While we were finding the teachers some of us came back to class and messed it up by playing around. A lot of them were dancing while some of us were on the computer finding a song to play. The rest that were outside came and knocked on the door angrily and shouted “Come out and help us find the teachers.” So we stopped partying/playing, cleaned up the class and went back outside.

“This is a nasty day coming to school without any teachers” I said while scratching my arm. We looked in every classes and we also tried spreading out but we still never found anyone. “Wonder where they have gone? Just cross your fingers that we will find them.”

“These teachers must be hiding from us” said the year 6’s. So we also searched in cupboards because some of the teachers are skinny and they can fit in there, Then we began to in every classroom cupboard but no one was there not even a single person was around the school except the kid.

There was one thing that we did not do, email them to see where they are so we did and we wrote, “Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?” And 15 minutes later no one replied. It was so boring but we kept on going, going and going.

I shouted “I got a mail, I got a mail” and everyone came to see who it was so I checked it and it was only my mum emailing me that I forgot my lunch. So I replied to her “ok thanks for telling me but can you just wait please.” Then she did and just got back to what she was doing.

“Hey everyone there is only one place that we haven't checked, the staffroom” I said. A second later we stood frozen then rushed to the staff. As soon as we got there we shouted “there you guys are.” But then Mr Burt (our principal) said “it is teachers only day.” Then the teachers mumbled “oh sorry you guys we forgot to tell you kids it was teachers only day.” A moment after we grabbed our bags and went home happily.

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