Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mangere Pools

After 2 days being so busy and playing a lot of activities during camp, I finally got to relax and have breather. My friends were excited because we knew we were going to hang out together to the Mangere pools. It was a lovely summers day for a swim and some end of camp fun.

There was a scary moment and my heart was pounding which meant I was nervous, thats when I was going to go on the long slide. I got closer and closer to the beginning of the line. As I first got on to the top of the slide it started off quite slow, but suddenly it got steep and I zoomed into the pool fast which felt like I was going to fall off.

It felt like I was drowning,  but instead I was floating. Water splash onto my face like someone smacked me hard it was sore but I shouted “WOOOHOOO.” I was panicking and thinking where is the top.

As I got the the very bottom of the slide, I hit Anisha and I held onto her because she is tall and  it was deep.  Unable to the ground at first, I eventually turned up the right way, stood on my toes and had a big breath. Finally made it to the edge. I got out of the pools and went back to the top of the slide to do it all again.

Even though I did not go onto the bombing pool, I still had a lovely day.

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