Monday, March 25, 2013

Testing Omaru Creek for - Colour

Testing Omaru Creek for - Colour

I am going to find out:
What colour the water is.

I am going to test this by:
Comparing different water samples
and describing the colour.

Resources and equipment:
4 water samples 1.The culvert, 2.The bridge, 3.The sea and 4.The tap

I predict that:
Near the culvert is dirty and brownish greenish. I think near the bridge is just lighter than the water near the culvert and the sea and tap  water is much cleaner and lighter.

I think this because:
when people past the culvert and bridge, they chuck rubbish into it. And people waste time picking up the rubbish in the sea. But no rubbish goes into the tap water.

Results of my tests

Sea Water
Cloudy, light and clear
Tap water
Bright and fresh
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Dark with brown rubber bits
Omaru Creek water by bridge
Light green and murky

My conclusion (what I found out):
The seawater is very clear and clean like our tap water. And the culvert water has big lumps and bits of rubber from the road. Also the water near the bridge is green and clear.

Why I think this is:
I think the culvert water is the dirtiest because people always walk past and throw their rubbish in the creek. The bridge water is green because green plants grow under water. The seawater is fresh and clear like the tap water because a lot of mangroves grow.

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