Friday, November 28, 2014

Future Aspiration

Future Aspiration

Anthony Samuels is a dad of 4 boys and a long time ago when he had no kids, he was an entertainer on a show called ‘What now’. What now is still going and is one of the longest NZ show that is still running. Anthony started what now in 1995 to 2005. Now that he’s finished with what now, he is a hard working man that is running 3 companies and his main role is being a husband to a woman named Shannon and is a father of 4 boys. “ My past does not have to determine my future “!

Paula Fakalata is well known as an Attitude Presenter. After working with young children, Paula started public speaking. He has managed to present over 250 presentations and has spoken to over 35,000 students. Mr Fakalata has a lot of humour in his stories along with compelling.

Amelia Unufe is a New Zealander and her parents were born in tonga. She is a student in AUT University. She is taking fashion and is in her 2nd year completing her Bachelor of design. When Amelia attend Mt Roskill Grammar, that is when she had interest in fashion. In 2015 she wants to have her own fashion line along with a view of her own label.

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