Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Athletics Day

Athletics is a annual sports event that we do at Pt England. Everyone participates. There are about more than 15 events and 6 main ones, shot put, high jump, sprints, javelin, discus and softball throw along with the relay.

Our very first main sport was shot put. After a practice round, it finally came to the real deal. Coming first was my friend Ata, 2nd - Mary, 3rd Puawai. It was my turn and I was ready but filled with nervousness.

Boom, my shot put went far but I just came second. I was so happy. But once it was over I was coming 3rd. It was time for lunch time and we only had half an hour. I enjoyed a little break but then it was time for another tiring event, high jump.

On our way to high jump, I was scared but I believed in myself. After the very first round of high jump, we all made it over. It got higher and higher as less people made it over. I made in the top 4 and it was pretty high. My first jump was a fail as well as my second, but I tried my best. My friend (Jordenne) came first and AsenaF came 2nd.

We did heaps of events but we didn’t finish them all. High jump and Shot put was my top two funnest events. I enjoyed athletics day and hope to come something next year! Can’t wait!

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