Monday, April 21, 2014

Holiday writing - Easter and Sister leaving!

Sister leaving to Aussie


During this past week I have enjoyed it so far!! I have been with my family a lot and we have done some pretty fun stuff!! Le family and I have been doing stuff about 'Easter' and we included some other churches, it was a vast church all together! At first we all did a prayer together and then the kids left the adults so the parents can have a talk!

The kids were drawing and colouring! We had to get in order from youngest to oldest and yes had our own tables to sit at. This was a challenge to see who would have the nice one as in, not colouring out side of the lines and to colour the whole picture, we also had to explain what the picture shows but we had to write it in Samoan. My picture showed how "Jesus is on the cross and it is how he died for us" and that is what I wrote down.

As soon as the adults and kids finished there programs the kids had to get inside and show what we drew!! It was fantastic!! But as soon as this day came it wasn't as fun as the other days!! We drove to the airport at 4:30 so my older sister (Cecilia) could go to Australia. It was sad but not for her, and ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS!!

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