Friday, April 11, 2014

Fiafia Reflection


I was enjoying our big production, Fiafia and so far until we were going toward the stage. My face had a nervous reaction. There were a vast crowd to look at but I was keen enough just for our performance, the Samoan group.

If you came along you would've seen what we did but we had to act our finest and smile all the time. I was in the Samoan group and we had a long performance. We started off with welcoming our people and then the girls finished dancing.

Along came the boys and they were LOUD!! They did the haka so loud so they could make their leader proud. Off they went back to their spot and Rowana came on looking nice. She had a fala on and she dance by herself in the middle!! Rowana then finished, we all stood up and shouted “Tofa......Soifua..Samoa”!!

My highlights was performing and watching the groups do their best with the kaha, passion and pride!! So far to the Samoans performance the best enforcement I saw was the Hip hop - they had the strength and strong moves.

We held it at our school on the field and our dance/siva was on a big stage. The music was loud and some of the kids had to blast the loudest so the crowd at the back can hear!!

Sadly it came to an end to go get changed and hurry home. I enjoyed having to be in the “Samoan” group it was fun and we practised really hard.

Also a HUGE THANK YOU to Timmy and Mose for teaching our Samoan group!! We performed our best for you to make you proud!! Bless you too Mrs Nua, you helped us really well, getting us to listen and standing in the right spot!!

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