Saturday, December 29, 2012

Water Sliding and Swimming in the Hose

Yesterday we went to buy things for my Nana and Grandpa. As soon as we came back home my aunties and uncle asked me, "do you want to play in the hose and water slide with the mats we came with?" I replied "YES YES YES." So they got out the hose and the slippery mat.

They called us to go outside. So we did and my 3 cousins, my sister and me were so happy. I was going first so we got soap and put it around our body so we slide until we get to the end.

My uncle told me to get my little cousin to go in the hose and put soap on him and make him slide, so I did but then he cried. He went inside because his mum said so, so he can have a warm shower.

We still stayed outside and after 30 minute we go inside. 30 minutes later we got our towels, dried up ourselves and go for a warm shower. So the kids all showered and they were still happy about what happened before.


  1. What amazing fun Iron! I remember making water slides at home when I was younger, lots of fun. Did you end up sliding on the grass too? That hurts!
    I am loving your holiday stories... I wonder what the next one will be about???

    1. Yes I ended up landing on the grass, only if I slide to the side. It sure does hurt. And I think the next one will be about New Years...? I don't know yet thou.


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