Friday, December 14, 2012

Prize Giving

prize giving item from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Last night on the 13th of December was prize giving. The day before was when I knew I was going to get a prize, but I did not know how many prizes I would get. As soon as I got there, it was going to start in about 8 minutes.

8 minutes later it started and Mr Burt (our principle) was waiting for us to be quiet. We all were silent and Mr Burt started to talk to us about our korero for the night. Some I know and some I don’t. He showed things on the screen like about our art, our writing that we improved and how we got heaps of money because of our parents.

I was sitting and sitting until he finished talking and I heard “its time to give out year 5’s awards” Mr Burt shouted. So he started off with calling the first name and it was Sela for best effort. “Jordan Alofi for citizenship and also for 100% attendance” Mr Burt said as Jordan was walking on the stage. Then Jordan shook Miss Teleso’s hand. “And also Iron Talia for 100% attendance” Our principle called while getting ready to call the next persons name.

I stood up with a surprise on my face and walked on the red carpet. And I went to get my certificate and shook Miss Teleso’s hand and she whispered “Well done” to me. So I walked towards my class mates and stood next to them, that was my first prize. As soon as my family saw me, they got off their chairs, got the lolly necklaces and gave it to me on the stage.

My nana, aunt, mum and brother came to give it to me. I bent down low so they can put it on my neck. My little brother came on the stage to give it to me because he could not reach, so he put it on me and I gave him a kiss.

My aunty said “Iron” and I heard so I saw the camera and I knew I was going to take a picture so I smiled. As I finished taking my picture, Mr Burt said “turn around and stand a bit longer so they can take some pictures” so we did and then we went off the stage.

“Next thing for year 5 is Academic” Mr Burt shouted. “Drumroll please.......stop in 3rd place is Iron Talia” “Drumroll please.......stop in 2nd place is Jordenne Eteuati” “Drumroll please.......stop in 1st place is Iisa Salie” Mr Burt shouted. And everybody cheered for all of us.

We went and got it and Mr Burt said “turn around and stand a bit longer so they can take some pictures” so we did it again.


  1. Iron your writing it amazing.
    I really love the pictures. It shows that you have been working hard to get that award. And congratulation for that prize. Good work

    Make sure to leave some smart ness for NEXT YEAR!.

  2. I am so proud of what you have achieved this year and your overall attitude to school and learning. You are going far in life Iron - keep up the hard work and focused attitude.
    Miss K


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