Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chirstchurch Earth Quake

On Tuesday 22nd February 2011,Christchurch was shaken by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, at 5km deep, at 12.51pm.The earthquake at Christchurch caused a great deal of damage.

The earthquake was a disaster, like a volcano, but this earthquake destroyed the whole of Christchurch city. Big dust clouds choked the city, thankfully when it rained the dust settled slightly.

Damage on the roads and the drive ways caused by liquefaction and cracks, has caused many traffic jams. Some cars even crashed and parked fell from the car park way up high.

On the news, a woman had heaps of blood on her face and two people carried her to get help, because they cared about her. Another man had blood on his head and it got wrapped with a white bandage.

Many people in Christchurch have passed away, we still don’t know how many people, but I hope that my prayer tonight will help Christchurch. Houses have been destroyed and so lots of people are sleeping in their cars and in local parks.

A great deal of the buildings in Christchurch are destroyed and nearly every body has been effected. The people that have rescued the others, have put in so much good effort. They are respected and amazing.

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