Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday after lunch time we went strayt to Cola to practis how to play Base-ball and the blue team had to catch the ball and the red team was wacing the ball and then we switched and I did’nt wait to wace the ball and when Isia waced the ball the bat did’nt touch the ball and the bat nearly got of his hands and I new why he could’nt bat the ball cause he is to small and it could of hitin someones head and even when he was tring to catch the ball to the ball hit on his knee

yesterday after lunch room thirteen went strayt to Cola and as soon as we got there we sat down and then he told us how to play it the game. After Cola told us how to play the game Miss King was taking viedio and she even took picters to and she shoot the picters propily and it was amazing.When Miss King finished taking pics and viedios we started playing the game and the game was really fun and I hope we ply it today and if we play it today again I will be so exsited.


  1. Hi Iron! My name is Rebecca and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I loved your post about learning and getting to play baseball at school! I too enjoyed sports all through grade school and on into high school. I was never any good at baseball, but I played basketball for many years and even went to a state championship. That was also a great action shot you posted in your blog! Hope you are having a great school year!


  2. Hi Rebecca thanks for commenting on my blog and I am so happy that you play sport like me and I love sports even though I'm not good at playing base ball I still go to practis.Can you tell me what school you go to?I go to PT England school.


  3. Hey Again Iron, I got to a college called the University of South Alabama. In the United States in Alabama. Don't worry about not being good at sports, that's what practice is for! You can do anything you set your mind to!

    Rebecca Sisson.


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