Friday, February 1, 2013

At the park

When I was at my grandparents house, they took me to the park because it was my last day there. So they took me to make exercises there. It was a very nice day. There was no rain so we walked.

As soon as we got there I started my exercises. I made push ups, stretches, air walking and other things. After an hour, nana and I went shopping for fruits because we only brought sandwiches and drinks from home.

When we finished buying our fruits, I told my nana "here bring all the shopping to me and I will run to grandpa" then she gave it. We got ready to go to the table and gobble the food. While I was eating my corn (that we got from home), we saw elders coming towards us.

They asked us questions like "Do you see a lot of missionaries like us around G.I?" And I answered with a smile "Yes, we see a lot especially people with bikes." "Oh" he replied while moving his tie side to side.

After 5 minutes he left and I went to play on the swings. 18 minutes later my grandparents shouted "Come lets go home now" so I replied while I was jumping "Yes I'm coming".

So we enjoyed our lovely day and walked back home with a full tummy.

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