Thursday, March 1, 2012


PENN stand for Pt England News Network. The year 5 were doing the news this week. Some classes make movies and Mrs Telea has to put it on the T.V. It connects with everybody in our school. 4 year 5's made the news this week and only 1 year 6 was on it for just 1 day. In the news is the main part, the sports notice, Pt England way and the U.V report. The part to end is called the main close.

I am a year 5 and I was on the news doing PENN. This week I was doing U.V report, whitch is talking about the weather. During this week it was just high on 12. Doing PENN is very fun to do. Before I started PENN I was very keen to do it.

Doing PENN is really fun to do but waking up early is the only part I hate. We have to wake up at 8' oclock. I like doing thing with Mrs Telea in the mornings. We help her because she it very busy sometimes. In the morning sometimes when we get late another person gets to do it for us. I only miss out 1 day so someone took over me.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. Remember if you are on T.V be confident.

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