Monday, December 12, 2011

Netbook Reflection

What I like about my netbook is playing games. I also like commenting on other peoples blogs. But my favourite thing has to be sharing my work with other people.

What I hate about the Internet is that it takes for long to load. Sometimes I get distracted by games when I am doing my work. What I also hate is that when I am doing my work it tries to reach google.

The differences about a netbook and a pencil and paper is that your hand get hurt when you write and you have to cross the word that you made a mistake with or rub it of. But when you use a netbook it is easier.

The hardest thing was getting distracted by games so I do not think I have been in the right place. The greatest challenge for me is doing what my teacher tells me on my netbook.

I would feel bad and if I was using pencil and paper I would suck it in and keep on working. But I might also feel a little bit angry.

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