Thursday, October 6, 2011

What did I enjoy?
What I enjoyed this term was maths. I enjoy it because it is fun. It is fun because we learned different stuff. The different stuff I have learnt is fractions and times table.

Thing’s I don’t enjoy?
What I did not enjoy this term was Aussie Rules. I did not enjoy it because I could not bounce it.

What did I learn?
What I learnt this term was fractions. It was fun learning it with Whea Genial.

How do I feel about my term overall?
I felt amazed and sad. Because we learnt heaps and heaps of work. The heaps of work we learnt was reading, writing and maths.

What did I found most interesting?
What I found most interesting was maths whizz. I found math whizz interesting because I learn different stuff.

What could I have done better to help my learning?
Doing a lot of stuff and practising everyday.

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  1. Hi Iron,

    Love your story. I am amazed. You write heaps of cool stories. And you draw beautiful pictures.

    Keep up with you great work!!


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