Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rube Goldberg,Technology

Guss what!!!Last Friday we made a marble run we made it out of cardboard and some dominoes. In my group was Lesieli,Laita,Chyna,Flora and Wakatere and me but then I did my own marble run and they all went away and write about it on the computer. When I was doing my own marble run I was trying and trying and trying until it can work but I was still tried and I was trying a lot so it can work and I never gave up I tweaked heap of stuff but it was a little thing to tweak. It was a lot of fun doing the marble run. When my marble run worked Miss King and I were so so happy. It was fun when I was working with my team because we were planing and trying to make the marble run work but then when they went I was so bored and then miss King said that I have to change a little bit more so it can work. When I was doing my marble run go it was still fun because I was still talking to a person. When it had worked my hands were tiered and my back was sore. My groups slide was just normal like the slide that people slide on the park. The dominoes were just small and it is the color black and the dots are white. We made the slide out of hard cardboard. On our Rube Goldberg,technology we changed what did not work because it took along time to do it because we kept on failing. We solved our little problems.

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